Ski Guide Training

My 30 years experience includes working as an avalanche forecaster, heli-ski guide, and ski touring guide in the Rockies, Columbia Mountains, and Coast Ranges. I have taught on the CAA Level 1, 2 and 3 courses since 1995 and was an instructor for the Thompson Rivers University Canadian Mountain and Ski Guide programme for 15 years. This background, combined with completing the Instructional Skills Workshop at TRU and other instructor training courses, have given me a unique perspective on how to teach professional level risk-based decision making.

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“Thanks for a great course and such detailed feed-back…”
— Students on Ski Guide Training courses

Ski guide training

These courses are designed to prepare students for the Apprentice or Full guide exams run by Thompson Rivers University (TRU) Canadian Mountain and Ski Guide programme. This course is not run by TRU.

An analysis of the student's skills by an experienced instructor who is independent from the TRU exam process gives a confidential, objective assessment that will not carry over into the TRU programme. This frees the student from some of the normal stresses involved in the training programme and opens the door to a positive learning experience.

The course focuses on modern methods of risk assessment and management. We will utilize decision-making frameworks that help students make consistent decisions that are within Association of Canadian Mountain Guide standards.

Strategies for dealing with the exam process are also discussed. These include pre-exam preparation, tactics to use while on lead, and techniques to use while debriefing.

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This course is open to students who are planning on attending either the TRU Apprentice Ski Guide Exam or Ski Guide Exam in the next 2 years. It is a perfect bridging course for guides who are in their apprenticeship seasons between their apprentice and full exams. 

Minimum requirements are having completed the TRU CMSG ski guide training courses.


4:1. This ratio helps with inspiring discussion amongst the group.

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Alternate dates, course length, ratios and pricing may be available if you organize your own group.