Alpine Rock

We climb in three areas with world-class alpine rock peaks: the Bugaboos, Rogers Pass and right here in the Canadian Rockies. Pigeon Spire and Snowpatch Spire; Sir Donald and Tupper; Louis and Castle Mountain. All famous names with fantastic climbs, and all within reach of our base in Banff - Lake Louise. Try the traditional climbs or get on one of the modern classics that have been recently established in the Rockies!


Bugaboo Spire, with the NE Ridge (5.8) facing the camera and the Kain Route (5.6) on the left skyline.

The Bugaboos in the Purcell Mountains

Canada's answer to the aguilles of Chamonix. Climb the world's best 5.4 on Pigeon Spire, the famous gendarme pitch on Bugaboo Spire or the steep cracks of Snowpatch. Here are just a few routes to consider:

  • Eastpost Spire, NW Ridge, 4th class
  • Pigeon Spire, West Ridge, 5.4
  • Bugaboo Spire, Kain Route, 5.6
  • Bugaboo Spire, NE Ridge, 5.8
  • Snowpatch Spire, Surf's Up, 5.9

The summit block of Mt. Tupper. High quality quartzite high in the Selkirks.

rogers Pass in the Selkirk Mountains

Mt. Sir Donald is featured in the book 50 Classic Climbs of North America and for good reason: miles of great climbing on high quality quartzite. But there are also other climbs that are as good, just a bit shorter! Here are a few routes you could consider:

  • Mt. Sir Donald NW Ridge, 5.6
  • Uto Pk, SW Ridge, 5.6
  • Mt. Tupper, West Ridge, 5.6
  • Asulkan Traverse, 5.4

Mark leading the Aphrodite pitch on Apollo, Mt. Hector (5.9), during the first ascent. Photo: Marco Deleselle

Rock peaks in the Canadian Rockies

From quartzite pinnacles to limestone spires, to a modern route on an 11-thousand foot peak, we have more than our share of excellent alpine rock climbs in the Rockies. Here are just a few:

  • Eisenhower Tower, 5.6
  • Mt. Louis, Kain Route, 5.7
  • The Finger, Napsihu Ridge, 5.8
  • Grand Sentinel, 5.8
  • Mt. Hector, Apollo Ridge, 5.9


  • One person: Starting at C$500/day
  • Two people: Starting at C$600/day
  • Maximum one or two people per guide, depending on the objective
  • Prices vary depending on difficulty and length of the route
  • Routes in the Bugaboos require a minimum of 3 days (camping or hut based)
  • Routes in Rogers Pass require a minimum of 2 days (camping)
  • Routes in the Rockies are mostly one day, 8-12+ hours in duration
  • Catering, hut/camping fees and other expenses are extra
  • Ask about pricing for larger groups
  • Please add 5% tax to all prices