I have thirty years of experience working as a Mountain Guide throughout Canada and around the world. Banff and Lake Louise are in the centre of Canadian mountaineering and offer easy access to every type of mountain climbing, from easy scrambles to glacier ascents to multi-pitch alpine rock on granite spires. 



Are you looking for something a bit more than a hike but a bit less than a full on alpine climbing adventure? There are many peaks near Banff and Lake Louise where all that is needed to get to the top is some physical fitness and a sense of adventure! 

Alpine Climbing

The Canadian Rockies and the Columbia Mountains of British Columbia are an alpine climber's Mecca with world-famous peaks and routes of all difficulties. Glaciers, alpine ice faces, mixed ridges - we have it all...

Alpine Rock

Rockies limestone, Bugaboos granite and Rogers Pass quartzite! Climb Mt Louis, Snowpatch Spire, Mt. Sir Donald and more. Climb the best 5.4 in the world on Pigeon Spire, one of the 50 Classics on Mt Sir Donald, or summit a rock tower in the Rockies.