Mountain Resume - Mark Klassen

I have climbed and skied all over the world, both recreationally and as a guide. Here are some selected routes and ski tours. 

Selected Personal Climbing and skiing resume

Canadian Rockies

  • Mt Robson, Emperor Ridge

  • Mt Robson, Fuhrer Ridge (winter)

  • Mt Colin, SW Face

  • Mt Edith Cavell, N Face

  • Oubliette Pk, E Face

  • Diadem Pk, N Face

  • Mt Cromwell, Elzinga-Miller

  • Mt Kitchener, Grand Central Couloir

  • Mt Athabasca, Hourglass

  • Howse Pk, NE Buttress

  • Mt Patterson, E Ridge

  • Pope's Pk, N Face (winter)

  • Mt Temple, Greenwood-Locke

  • Mt Temple, Greenwood-Jones

  • Mt Louis, Homage to the Spider

Columbia Mountains

  • Mt Macdonald, W Face

  • South Howser Tower, Beckey-Chouinard

  • Snowpatch Spire, Wildflowers

  • Crescent Spire, McTech Arete

South America

  • Kitaraju, N Face

  • Alpamayo, French Route

  • Artesonraju, S Face

  • Huandoy Este, S Face

  • Chopikalki, SW Ridge (solo)

  • Huascaran Sur, W Rib (solo)

  • Ranrapalca, NE Ridge

  • Shaqsha (Huandoy Chico), NE Ridge

  • Aconcagua, Normal route (solo - winter)


  • Lobuje East, S Ridge

  • Imja Tse, W Face (solo - first ascent)

New Zealand

  • Mt Aspiring, NW Ridge


  • Mont Blanc, Brenva Spur

  • Aiguille du Midi, Frendo Spur

  • Mont Blanc du Tacul, N Face

  • Aiguille du Dru, SE Face

Alaska and Northern Canada

  • Moose's Tooth, Alaska - W Ridge (4th ascent)

  • Lotus Flower Tower, NWT

  • Mt Asgard, Baffin Island - Polar Thievery (first ascent)

  • Sif Pk, Baffin Island (first ascent)

Rock climbs - North America, Europe, Asia, Australia

  • Many classic multi-pitch climbs up to 5.11 in difficulty

  • Many sport and crag climbs up to 5.11 (trad) and 5.12 (sport)

  • Half Dome, NW Face

  • Washington Column, Prow

  • Leaning Tower, W Face

  • Sentinel Rock, Chouinard-Herbert

First Ascents

  • Imja Tse, Nepal - West Face (solo)

  • Mt Asgard, Baffin Island - Polar Thievery

  • Sif Pk, Baffin Island

  • The Finger, Canadian Rockies - NW Ridge

  • Vice President, Canadian Rockies - Carcajou Glacier

  • Numerous multi-pitch rock climbs in Canada, including:

    • Aftonroe

    • Plutonian Shores

    • Lost Lenore

    • Mountaineer's Route

    • Hoka Hey

    • Apollo - Mt Hector


  • Many day tours in the Canadian Rockies, Columbia Mountains, Coast Range, Japan and Europe

  • Bariloche Traverse (Argentina) - 5 days, solo

  • Three Pass Traverse, Glacier National Park - 2 days

  • Deville and Illecillewaet Icefields Loop, Glacier National Park - 5 days

Selected Guided Alpine Climbs Resume

Canadian Rockies

  • First person to guide all 54 eleven thousand foot peaks in the Canadian Rockies

  • Whitehorn Mtn, S Ridge

  • Mt Robson, Kain Face (multiple)

  • Helmet, S Ridge (multiple)

  • Resplendent Mtn, NW Slopes

  • Meisner Ridge

  • Mt Edith Cavell, E Ridge (multiple)

  • Bennington Pk, E Ridge

  • Mt Fryatt, W Ridge

  • Mt Fryatt, SW Face (multiple)

  • Mt Unwin, W Ridge

  • Mt Brazeau, SW Slopes (multiple)

  • Tusk Pk, SW Ridge

  • Mt Clemenceau, W Face (multiple)

  • Tsar Mtn, N Ridge

  • Mt Alberta, Japanese Route (multiple)

  • Stutfield West Pk (multiple)

  • Stutfield East Pk (multiple)

  • Twins Tower, E Ridge (multiple)

  • North Twin, E Slopes (multiple)

  • South Twin, N Ridge (multiple)

  • West Twin, E Face (multiple)

  • Mt Kitchener, E Ridge

  • Mt King Edward, S Ridge (multiple)

  • Mt Columbia, E Face (multiple)

  • Snow Dome, SW Slopes

  • Mt Athabasca, AA Col (multiple)

  • Mt Athabasca, Ramp (multiple)

  • Mt Athabasca, Silverhorn (multiple)

  • Mt Athabasca, N Face (multiple)

  • Mt Athabasca, N Face Bypass (multiple)

  • Mt Andromeda, Skyladder

  • Mt Bryce, NE Ridge

  • Mt Bryce, S Face

  • Mt Whiterose, Traverse

  • Mt Alexandra, SW Ridge (multiple)

  • Mt Fresnoy, SW Ridge

  • Mt Cline, N Ridge

  • Mt Lyell 1-5, Traverse (Peaks 1, 2, & 4 multiple times)

  • Mt Forbes, N Face

  • Mt Hector, N Glacier (multiple)

  • Mt Recondite

  • Mt Willingdon, W Ridge (multiple)

  • Barbette Mtn, W Ridge (multiple)

  • Mistaya Mtn, multi-peak traverse

  • Mt Patterson, W Ridge (multiple)

  • Mt Niles, N Face (multiple)

  • Mt Balfour, SE Ridge (multiple)

  • The President, E Ridge (multiple)

  • Mt Goodsir, S Tower, SW Ridge

  • Mt Goodsir, Centre Tower, N Ridge

  • Mt Goodsir, N Tower, S Face

  • Hungabee Mtn, W Ridge

  • Glacier Pk, NW Face

  • Mt Huber, NE Ridge (multiple)

  • Wiwaxy Pk, Grassi Ridge (multiple)

  • Mt Victoria, N Pk, N Ridge

  • Mt Victoria, Huber Ledges (multiple)

  • Mt Victoria, S Ridge & Traverse (multiple)

  • Mt Lefroy, W Face (multiple)

  • Mt Aberdeen, N Glacier (multiple)

  • Haddo Pk, E Ridge

  • Mt Temple, E Ridge

  • Grand Sentinel, Normal Rte (multiple)

  • Deltaform Mtn, NW Ridge (multiple)

  • Mt Fay, W Ridge (multiple)

  • Mt Fay, N Face routes (multiple)

  • Mt Quadra, W Face

  • Stanley Pk, N Face (multiple)

  • Eisenhower Tower (multiple)

  • Mt Louis, Gmoser Rte

  • Mt Louis, Kain Rte (multiple)

  • Mt Assiniboine, N Ridge (multiple)

  • Mt Assiniboine, SW Face

  • Lunette Pk, SW Face

  • Mt Sir Douglas, W Ridge

  • My Joffre, N Face

  • Mt King George, N Ridge Integrale (first ascent)

  • Mt King George, SW Glacier (multiple)

  • Mt Harrison, SW Face

  • Mt Harrison, N Face

Columbia Mountains

  • Mt Sir Wilfred Laurier, S Ridge

  • Mt Sir Sandford, NW Ridge

  • Mt Rogers, S Face (multiple)

  • Mt Tupper, W Ridge (multiple)

  • Swiss Peaks Traverse

  • Uto Pk, SW Ridge (multiple)

  • Mt Sir Donald, NW Ridge (multiple)

  • Asulkan Traverse (multiple)

  • Rogers Pass Horseshoe (first traverse)

  • Bugaboo Spire, NE Ridge (multiple)

  • Bugaboo Spire, Kain Rte (multiple)

  • Pigeon Spire, W Ridge (multiple)

  • Snowpatch Spire, Surf’s Up

  • Snowpatch Spire, Snowpatch Rte

  • Bugaboo Glacier Peaks, Traverse

  • Marmolata Spire, E Ridge

  • Karnak Mtn, N Ridge

  • Commander Mtn, S Ridge

St. Elias Mountains

  • Mt Logan, E Ridge

Nepal Himalaya

  • Parchamo


  • Pisco

New Zealand

  • Mt Cook

  • Mt Dixon

  • Elie de Beaumont

  • Mt Haidenger


  • Mont Maudit, Frontier Ridge

  • Jungfrau

  • Mönch

  • Gross-Fiescherhorn

  • Matterhorn

Selected Avalanche Forecasting and Ski Guiding Resume

Avalanche Forecasting

  • Lake Louise Ski Area, Avalanche Forecaster - 7 seasons

  • Avalanche Canada, Public Avalanche Bulletin - 2 seasons


  • RK Heliski, Purcell Mountains - 2 seasons

  • CMH Galena, Selkirk Mountains - 2 seasons

  • TLH Heli Skiing, Coast Mountains - 3 seasons

Backcountry lodges in British Columbia

  • Sorcerer Lodge - multiple trips

  • Icefall Lodge

  • Selkirk Lodge

  • Valkyr Lodge - multiple trips

  • Valhalla Mountain Lodge - multiple trips

  • Ice Creek Lodge

  • Powder Creek Lodge

  • Sol Mountain Lodge - multiple trips

  • Kokanee Glacier Cabin - multiple trips

  • Whitecap Alpine (McGillivray Pass Lodge)

  • Hilda Hut (terrain consultant)

Day touring

  • Most classic tours in the Banff-Lake Louise-Kananaskis area (Canadian Rockies)

  • Most classic tours in Rogers Pass (Selkirks)

  • Most classic tours in the Whistler backcountry (Coast Range)

  • Many classic tours on the Duffy Lake road (Coast Range)

  • Some tours in Kootenay Pass area (Selkirks)

Canadian Rockies Ski Traverses

  • Great Divide Traverse (over three separate trips - first guided GDT)

  • Northern Rockies Highline (first traverse - part of the GDT)

  • Clemenceau-Columbia Traverse - multiple times (as part of GDT)

  • Alexandra River - Bow Lake (as part of GDT)

  • Wapta Traverse - multiple times

  • Yoho Traverse - multiple times

  • Vermillion Pass-Assiniboine

  • Lake Louise-Boom Lake

Columbia Mountains Ski Traverses

  • Southern Cariboos Traverse (to McAndrew Lake)

  • Ventego Creek to Moberly Pass (Selkirks)

  • Bugaboos to Rogers Pass (Purcells-Selkirks)

Coast Mountain Ski Traverses

  • Juneau Icecap Traverse

  • Lillooet Icefield Traverse

  • Spearhead Traverse


  • Chamonix-Zermatt Haute Route

  • Day trips, Chamonix area, France

  • Day trips, Zermatt area, Switzerland

  • Day trips, Silvretta area, Austria


  • Hakuba area day trips - multiple weeks

  • Furano area, Hokkaido

  • Niseko area, Hokkaido


  • Day trips in the Elbrus region, Caucasus Mountains - multiple weeks